About Sian Ferguson

I’m Sian, and I’m a freelance health writer and editor based in South Africa. Most of my work relates to CBD and cannabis, where I aim to demystify CBD and cannabis for the average person.

My Past Work

I have bylines in a number of well-respected publications, including Complex, Everyday FeminismHealthyWayHelloGiggles, Teen VogueThe Tempest, and more. You can view my writing clips on my writing portfolio.

I’m also a regular health writer for Healthline, one of the most vigorously fact-checked health and wellness publications out there. In 2018, I worked as the editor of the Love and Health vertical over at The Tempest, where I recruited writers and worked with them to create quality articles.

CBD and Cannabis Writing

Thanks to stigma, unclear laws, and poor reporting, cannabis can be pretty confusing. Through clear and science-based writing, I educate readers about using CBD and cannabis safely and effectively. I work directly with health publications as well as businesses that are in the health and wellness industry.

After a few years of being a “generalist” freelance writer, I discovered that I had a knack for researching and writing about health-related topics. Now with over five years of experience writing about CBD and cannabis, I use my experience and knowledge to help brands communicate their ethos and products to potential clients. I also write about mental health and reproductive health for prestigious publications like Healthline.

Whether you’re a publication looking for empathetic health content or a CBD biz looking for SEO-friendly blog posts, I can help you out! Send me a message and we’ll get to work.



Sian has been a rock on my editorial team since the day she started and it is an absolute honour to work with her. Her attention to detail and commitment to editing thoughtfully and nurturing the writers she works with has resulted in several contributors joining our editorial fellowship based on their experience with Sian alone. Sian is not satisfied with the status quo, rather she is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve quality, processes and the experience of everyone she works with. My editorial team would not be the same without her and I cannot recommend her strongly enough. Sian’s writing skill and editorial vision are formidable and anyone would be lucky to work with her.
– Katie Kaestner-Frenchman, Managing Editor at The Tempest


During my time as a Senior Editor at HealthyWay, Sian was one of our most consistent contributors. Whether you’re seeking long-form content, short-form content, SEO content, or copy with more of a personable/relatable feel, Sian will rise to the challenge. Sian was incredibly easy to work with and I felt like we could always communicate feedback respectfully. If there was ever the need for editorial changes, Sian would update the copy in a timely manner. I truly enjoyed working with Sian and think you will too!
– Taylor Geiger, former Senior Editor at HealthyWay


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sian for about two years now, and it’s been a joy to watch them find their voice at Healthline. Sian’s worked with a handful of editors across various teams, often simultaneously, successfully juggling different style guides, editorial voices, and ultimately overall approaches to content. For the wellness team, they’ve covered everything from genital hygiene and menstrual woes to becoming sexually active and coming out — the latter being one of my favorite pieces of Healthline content to date. Whether you’re looking for someone to do a quick SEO-based write-up, make sense of heavy research, or something in between, Sian can do it all — often early, at that.
Tess Catlett, SEO Content Editor at Healthline Media