Social justice

Social justice topics are close to my heart – and, naturally, a hot topic in this day and age. Having written for Everyday Feminism for over 3 years, a lot of my writing covers social justice and feminism.

The Importance of Non-Binary Models in the Fashion Industry || Teen Vogue || Reported/Opinion
Androgyny seems to be having a revival in the fashion world – but what does that mean for non-binary models?

Kyriarchy 101: We’re Not Just Fighting The Patriarchy Anymore || Everyday Feminism|| Analysis/opinion
Failing to acknowledge Western privilege creates some huge problems. This list of examples will show you how to recognize the impact of Western privilege.

It’s Time For Men To Return The Favor || Argot Magazine || Opinion
Thanks to feminism, more and more men are learning to open up about their emotions. But that doesn’t mean that dumping their emotions on women (without reciprocation) is progress.

Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide || Everyday Feminism || Reported/Opinion
“Privilege” is a word you’ll hear often in social justice spaces, both offline and online. Some people understand the concept easily. Others – and I was like this – find the concept confusing and need a little more help. If you’re willing to learn about privilege, but you don’t know where to start, read this!