Sexual violence

Sexual violence is a difficult topic to talk about, and a taboo one at that. Through  my writing, I hope to address the stigma attached to sexual violence, hoping to bring comfort to those who’ve been sexually abused, and hoping to tackle rape culture.

I’m A Rape Survivor – But Please Don’t Call Me ‘Brave’ || Ravishly || Opinion/Personal
My ordeal is an indictment of rape culture, not a testament of the strength of the human spirit.

4 Reasons We Can’t End Rape Culture Simply By Incarcerating Rapists || Everyday Feminism|| Analysis/opinion
Rape has a very low conviction rate – but don’t make the mistake of thinking that increasing convictions alone would end rape culture. Here’s why that’s a dangerous idea.

Consenting In Hindsight: Why I Continued to Sleep With My Rapist || Greatist || Personal Essay
This is my most personal essay, and also the one people seem to respond to the most. “I constantly thought to myself: What if I could relive the first night? If I went back in time and consented, it would have been a great story instead of a tragedy. Every time I said yes, I was trying to consent retroactively.”

4 Reasons Why Medical Examinations Can’t Always Prove If Someone Was Raped || Everyday Feminism || Analysis/Opinion
We hear about “rape kits” providing medical evidence of whether or not someone is a rape victim – but this myth is actually limiting our understanding of rape.