Wellness trends

I’ve written about a great number of wellness trends, assessing their scientific or social validity. Here are a few examples.

What are adaptogens? Here’s what an MD and a board-certified nutritionist have to say || HealthyWay || Reported
Adaptogens have a long history of being used for their anti-stress properties. But what are adaptogens, what kinds of adaptogens are out there, and how can you use them safely?

If something makes you feel better, is it medicine? || GOOD || Reported
Despite their reputation as holistic cure-alls, there’s only one proven health benefit of Himalayan salt lamps: the placebo effect.

Nurtured By Nature: How And Why You Should Incorporate Ecotherapy Into Your Routine || HealthyWay || Reported
Many online therapy portals are out there – but how effective is online therapy, and how exactly does it work?

How Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Treat PTSD || Paste || Reported
Hypnotherapy—a clinical practice that uses hypnosis techniques but delves deeper into a patient’s psychology—is actually a valid therapeutic form that is particularly effective for treating PTSD.