Reproductive health

Another health niche I focus on is reproductive health. As a reproductive health journalist, I write from a pro-choice, accessible-healthcare-for-all perspective.

Abortion in South Africa Is Legal — But Half Are Done Illegally. Why? || BRIGHT Magazine || Reported
Legalizing abortion is one thing, but ensuring safe abortion is accessible can be quite another. What is restricting access to abortion in South Africa?

4 Ways to Make Your Period-Positivity More Inclusive || Everyday Feminism || Opinion
You might know how great period-positivity can be – debunking harmful myths about menstruation is important. But do you know who period-positivity tends to exclude? Here’s how to include more people who need it.

Thinking of Donating Your Eggs? Here’s What You Need To Know. || Healthline || Reported
Here’s all you need to know about becoming an egg donor: the risks, the potential side-effects, the process, and more.

IUDs Are For Preventing Pregnancy, But Their Benefits May Be Much Broader || HealthyWay || Reported
IUDs are an extremely effective form of contraception. New research shows that they can do more than that; they might also reduce your chance of getting cervical cancer. Here’s what you need to know.