LGBTQA/queer issues

As a queer writer myself, I’ve written personal essays, reported articles, and opinion pieces about various queer/LGBTQA issues.

The Importance of Non-Binary Models in the Fashion Industry || Teen Vogue || Reported/Opinion
Androgyny seems to be having a revival in the fashion world – but what does that mean for non-binary models?

5 Messages I Really Needed (But Never Got) as a Queer Teenager || Everyday Feminism || Opinion/Personal
We have to do better by queer teenagers. These truths can give you a good idea of how to better support the queer teenagers in your life.

Clothing Swaps Can Be a Lifeline for Queer and Trans People || Racked || Reported
When clothing is expensive and hard to access, clothing swaps can be life-saving for vulnerable communities.

Why Reclaiming ‘Gal Pals’ is a Double-Edged Sword || INTO || Opinion
The popular phrase ‘gal pal’ has sometimes erased queer women. Here’s why reclaiming it now is a double edged sword.