Pop culture

I’ve written analyses on pop culture trends, as well as opinion pieces on books, series, and movies.

The Future Of Memes Is Wholesome || Complex || Reported
Dark humor has always been prevalent in the memeosphere – but a new, popular trend is the very antithesis of self-deprecation and existential dread.

“The World You’re Crafting Isn’t in a Vacuum”: A Zimbabwean Comics Artist on Social Justice and Storytelling || Hyperallergic || Interview, Reported
Bill Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Reflection on Adultism || Dilettante Army || Opinion
ASOUE, in the gaslighting the Baudelaire children, shows oppression in three sociological models of childhood: Apollonian, Dionysian, and Athenian.

As an anxious child, reading horror stories brought me great relief || The Tempest || Personal Essay
It’s counter-intuitive, but scary stories soothe my anxiety immensely.