If you need a writer, editor, or social media manager, look no further. I offer plenty of creative services for brands, businesses, publications, and fellow writers.

Journalism and writing

My primary job is as a freelance journalist and writer. My work has appeared in many publications, including Complex, Greatist, Redbook, Everyday Feminism, Ravishly, SocietyKush, Paste, The Development Set, Rodale’s Organic Life, HelloGiggles, Wear Your Voice, Matador Network, Massroots, The Week and more.

My areas of expertise include social justice, health (including mental health, reproductive health and public health issues), queer issues, books, food, travel, memes and internet subcultures, arts and entertainment, cannabis, and lifestyle. I’m willing to write on all topics that interest me.

I’m experienced in writing reported articles, opinion pieces, service pieces, listicles, personal essays, reported essays, and more.

If you’d like me to write a once-off article for your publication, or if you’re searching for a regular writer, feel free to contact me.

Content Writing

I write content for various brands and businesses, including CannyMedia Network and Interior Fusion Kitchens. By writing blog posts and creating copy for your website, I can drive up your SEO while humanizing your brand. I can also create professional, eye-catching newsletters for your audience.

Social media services

I’m a wiz on social media. If you want to increase your following, I’ll help you create share-able content your audience will love. My services include creating and managing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, live tweeting events, creating copy and graphics for social media, and more. I’ve managed accounts for various brands including Type/Cast Literary Journal and Guerrilla Feminism.

Editing, proofreading and more

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, it’s always good to get an extra set of eyes on your work. I offer editing and proofreading services for writers, journalists, and academics.

I’m happy to proof and edit academic papers, business reports, essays, articles and more.

I also work as a sensitivity reader. This means that I can read your work and tell you how to make your language and content more inclusive. I can do this for issues relating to class, gender, mental health, reproductive health, and more. If I don’t have enough experience to help you with your work, I might be able to recommend someone else – so please reach out to me!